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Clicart is a cloud-based Storage and Collaboration Platform for Art and Creative Images and Content.

We continue to build on our reputation of providing curated quality work by the best Artists, Galleries, Publishers and Owners & Creators of content.

We have been active on the web since the 1990s and continue to develop and provide Art stakeholders with tools, products and services to maximize the value of their work and leverage the internet to their benefit.

We do not cater to end-user consumers but develop tools, products and services to help our collaborators to reach them more easily or in new ways.

For individuals, organizations and businesses that have content, our drop shipment and POD services and web platform facilitates the monetization of their portfolio.

For organizations and businesses that need content, we offer a large choice of curated images in a wide variety of colors and styles.  We have the right picture for any décor or occasion.

Our mission is to make it simple to access images that please the eyes and touch the heart.

You can visit our regular website at or use the information below to contact us for any further assistance.   The Clicart Team


Ready to be part of the Revolution? Contact us Today!

3195 Boulevard des entreprises, Montreal,

(Terrebonne) Quebec, Canada

J6X 4J9


Tel: 1 450-477-7778



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